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Server IP

Coming Soon...

Server Rules

Be Respectful - Banter is fine
Hacking / Crashing the Server will be an Instant Ban

Installation Guide

Purchase Morrowind

Purchase a legitimate copy of Morrowind GOTY Edition (there is a link above!)

Download and Install

Download TES3MP

Download the Win32 or Win64 install files from the TES3MP Github page

Extract the Files

Extract the files to somewhere you will remember, such as C:\games\tes3mp

Run the Wizard

Run OpenMW-Wizard.exe and next through the prompts. You will need to navigate to your Morrowind Install


Launch the TES3MP-Browser.exe file to see the Server Browser. You can either look for XFGN in the list or alternatively, hit the "Add by Address" button up the top and put in the server URL