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Server IP

Server Rules

This is a Semi-Anarchy Server

Griefing is allowed
Chat is not moderated
Using Hacked Clients, X-Ray mods etc will result in a Ban
Purposely Crashing the Server will result in a Ban

Recommended Resource Pack


Lore Friendly Resouce Pack - Recommened for RPGCraft

Optifine Required

Frequently Asked Questions

Advanced Enchantments
Infernal Mobs
Smooth Sleep
Teleport Scrolls 

Teleport Scrolls
You will have access to commands /home (go to bed location) and /Spawn .
To get access to more teleport locations, you can create a Teleport Scroll. Click on the link above for the crafting recipes!

McMMO Party System
McMMO includes a party system that allows you to privately chat with and teleport to your Party. Players in the same party are unable to hurt each other.
Create and manage a Party;
/party create <party-name>
/party invite <player-name>
/party alliance invite <player-name>
/party alliance disband
/Party quit

Interact with Party Members
/party teleport <player-name>
/party chat

Advanced Enchantments
You can get access to Rare and Unique Enchantments via Advanced Enchantments. Refer to the link above for more info!

Other Useful Commands
Check your Ping with /ping

Installation Guide

Download Minecraft Java Launcher

Download the Minecraft Java Launcher from

Place the file somewhere you will remember (eg Desktop)

Start Minecraft

Launch the Minecraft Launcher and click on Play. Wait some time for Minecraft to Download

Add the Server

Click on Multiplayer, then select Add.

Server Name: XFGN Minecraft
Server Address: As above


Click on the Server in the list, then select Join!